MySQL as an Oracle DBA

A quick question, which I’ve asked once before –

if you were an Oracle DBA, then learned MySQL, what do you wish you knew before you got started?

Also, what was helpful to you as you learned?  (Websites, #mysql on irc, documents, etc.)  What do you wish you had (or want to have now) if you are a DBA for both Oracle databases and MySQL databases?

Ie, what would be good to give an Oracle DBA who wants to start learning or supporting MySQL as well?  Please respond with comments here, or directly email me at ben-dot-krug-at-oracle-dot-com.



2 Responses to “MySQL as an Oracle DBA”

  1. patrickhurley Says:

    Hi Ben,

    Like many Oracle DBAs, I found myself accidentally supporting MySQL “because you’re the DBA”. I created this article, designed to help any Oracle DBAs suddenly dropped in it like I was and also to help any Oracle DBAs simply curious about MySQL to get quickly started.

    I also created a presentation “MySQL: the least an Oracle DBA needs to know” which went down well at conferences.



  2. ben Says:

    Hi Patrick – Thanks for reading, and thanks for answering and sharing! Nice post!

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