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Oracle Training on Demand – MySQL for Beginners, Day One

September 13, 2012

Today I took the first day of MySQL for Beginners from Oracle’s Training on Demand offerings.  From the course overview,

“This hands-on class covers the fundamentals of SQL and relational databases, using MySQL[tm] as a teaching tool.  The course is suitable for new or existing users of MySQL who have little or no previous experience with a relational database management system.”

(For more details on this course, and other training offerings and formats, go to .)

Here are some of my opinions and observations:

The class came up very easily for me, no glitches or waiting. (I used Firefox today.  I’ll try IE tomorrow, then others.)

It feels a bit like being in an Oracle University classroom – you watch video of the instructor (Brent Dayley) giving the class.  Brent Dayley is a great instructor.  (And I’ve never had a bad instructor in Oracle classes, from my days before I worked for Oracle.)

There are tabs across the page, and one is for the “ekit”.  This contains the e-books (.pdf’s) you’d normally use in the classroom – a course book and an activity guide.  I suggest opening these before you start the course.  It’s great for reference.)

One nice thing is that you can pause, replay, skip back, etc.  I find that when I go to a classroom, I can only take in so much, and sometimes my mind wanders.  Here, I can pause, take a break or do some work, and come back to it.

It is a full course, with a lot of information.  The pace is fast on the first day, if you are new to RDBMSs.  There is a quick overview of what an RDBMS is, MySQL, installing and connecting, accessing data, and even data modelling and normal forms, all in day one.  So I paused sometimes to let it sink in.  (Usually by the end of a week-long class in a classroom, I’m just taking notes and planning to re-read it when I get home – which I never seem to find time to do.)

By the way, when you sign up, you get 90 days to use the training, but the labs in particular you schedule and use for 5 days.  So you might want to do the course in 5 days, then go back and review.  Or go through the course at your leisure, then go back and do the labs then review some more.  (Etc.)   Of course, you can also install MySQL on your own computer, download and install the sample databases (from ) and do exercises and more at your leisure, too.

Going through the documentation and day one of the class was very convenient and full of information.  I’m excited to take and write about days 2, 3 and 4 over the coming weeks – stay tuned for more!