MySQL DBA boot camp for Oracle DBAs

Got back from the MySQL DBA boot camp in San Francisco. Very nice one-day class, covered a lot. Kudos to Ronald Bradford; he did a great job of it. Good to get a free copy of the MySQL 5.0 certification guide and free passes to the certification exams. Now I have no excuse not to get certified… A lot of it I knew already (from having done this for some months now), but I especially enjoyed the section on tuning, and got some good tips throughout.

One question came up that is to the point of this site: where should an Oracle DBA start? Check out Ronald’s excellent and thorough answer at his site, in his post, “Learning MySQL as an Oracle DBA“. Certainly could not have said it better myself.


2 Responses to “MySQL DBA boot camp for Oracle DBAs”

  1. Marc Handelman Says:

    Heard the Boot Camp was tremendous, unfortunately client requirements kept me away. Will there be another event in SF this year or next?

  2. ben Says:

    Marc – not sure. That would be a good question for MySQL, or perhaps for Ronald Bradford, Senior Consultant at MySQL, who presented the course. (Can’t find his email address right now or I’d email him and ask.)

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