A MySQL presentation for Oracle DBAs, from MySQL

On the subject of MySQL for Oracle DBAs, I found this presentation at the mysql website:


It gives some details that might be helpful to look into if you’ve made the switch from Oracle to MySQL.


One Response to “A MySQL presentation for Oracle DBAs, from MySQL”

  1. Mark Leith Says:

    Hi Ben,

    I took a look through your presentation that you did over at OSCON, looked like a good talk! 🙂

    We’re actually putting together some seminars for MySQL for Oracle DBAs at the moment – with some really good indepth information based on the things that we feel would be most of what an Oracle DBA would want to know when moving to MySQL:


    I’ve spent a little working on this myself as well, and hope that it will be really helpful to Oracle DBAs who also need to deal with MySQL (I was once in that position myself!). I also did a likewise talk at our User Conference in 2006:


    Also glad to hear that you like our support! We strive to provide the best database support in the business, and hear many times that it looks like we are achieving this! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside 😀


    Mark Leith (Disclaimer: Senior Support Engineer, MySQL)

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